Bring out the ​magnificent ​marketer in you

Get the support you need to leverage marketing to grow ​your business in a collaborative community of your ​peers - business owners and marketers just like you!

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Connect with others ​and your inner ​creative genius

Learn about the ​power of marketing ​in your business

Grow your marketing ​knowledge and your ​business

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Who is the Magnificent Marketers Club for?

The Club is tailored specifically for small business owners. You’re wearing ​so many hats - owner, operations, finance, marketing, product ​development, and more—it’s a lot.

We’ve created a space that has the flexibility required for someone ​occupied with growing a business to get the most out of the investment, ​AND make it wildly affordable with a ton of amazing benefits.

Though it’s meant specifically for small biz, marketing professionals can get ​a lot out of the club as well - especially those working in the startup world.

The Magnificent Marketers Club is NOT a…

course or ​program

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though you will learn ​from everyone

place with ​all the ​answers

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though you will get lots ​of advice and ideas

group to ​promote ​your biz

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though you will get to ​share your plans

Keep scrolling to learn about all the benefits of membership!

Hey there, Magnificent Marketer!

The Magnificent Marketers Club is officially re-launching as a joint offering ​from Crummy Media Solutions and KCW Consulting.

The Club is based on radical generosity and collaboration, which means it’s ​jam-packed with value to help business owners like you.

Meet the marketers behind The Club

Sherry Crummy

Sherry Crummy is a marketing veteran ​with 35 years of experience in the ​ever-evolving world of advertising and ​digital marketing. From the days of ​print to the dynamic realm of web, ​social media, and all things digital, she’s ​seen it all.

Since starting Crummy Media Solutions ​12 years ago, Sherry has dedicated her ​expertise to training and coaching ​small business owners, empowering ​them to conquer their own digital ​marketing challenges.

Sherry’s passion lies in supporting small ​businesses and helping them forge ​meaningful connections with their ​audience.

Karen Wilson

For over 20 years, Karen Wilson has ​worked in marketing and ​communications, empowering small ​businesses and not-for-profit ​organizations with strategic advice and ​realistic, manageable plans.

Karen has worked with many business ​owners who describe how they fell ​into marketing because they have a ​business, not because they have ​marketing expertise.

There’s nothing Karen enjoys more ​than helping accidental marketers find ​joy in marketing by giving them the ​knowledge they need to have ​confidence in the decisions they make.

Together, we’re here to provide you with the ​tools and confidence you need to excel in the ​world of online marketing.

We look forward to working with you on your ​journey to marketing excellence!

What’s included in the Magnificent Marketers Club?

SO MUCH is included.

Exclusive Access

  • All members get 24/7 access to our private online community (it’s not ​on Facebook, so no distractions 😉).
  • As a member, you’ll get preferred pricing on workshops and services I ​provide.

Content Prompt Library

Get a dose of inspiration, along with guidance when you need ideas. Search ​the library of prompts (over 100 and growing!) and use them whenever you ​you spot one that gets your creative juices flowing.

Monthly AMA About Marketing Sessions

You ask. We’ll answer. And so will others in our community. Everyone can ​learn together and offer their advice and experience. Each month, we’ll ​tackle topics you get to help choose.

With two sessions each month (morning and afternoon), attend the one that ​works for you. You can also watch the recording if you can’t make it live or ​want to revisit the discussion.

Monthly Content Jam Sessions

This is a 2-hour co-work session focused on moving forward on all things ​marketing-related (or whatever is a priority for you). Write a blog post, plan ​your next quarter's social media, outline a new ebook, story board a video ​series, make a launch plan, or whatever is your highest priority.

Founding Member Offer

Here’s where the radical generosity really comes in. You can be a ​founding member of this club and invest in growing your business over ​the next year with flexible payment options at an affordable price.